Indiana County Parks

Indiana County Parks & Trails is a natural resource-based park system located in west-central Pennsylvania. We operate 2,700 acres of parks, natural areas and historic sites along with an extensive regional trail system.

We offer year-round facilities and activities for your use and enjoyment including an extensive environmental education program series. Visit our rental facilities page to find the right facility for your next event or special occasion.

Our county parks and trails offer the chance to play, relax, improve your health and fitness and explore the natural world. We encourage and invite you to discover Indiana County Parks & Trails!

Park Rambles

News & Announcements

Hoodlebug Trail Advisory - New Traffic Pattern
New traffic patterns take effect at the Route 119 Homer City Roadway Improvement Project in Center Township. Drivers will begin using the newly-constructed and relocated Route 119/Lucerne Road intersection, which includes new access to and from Sheetz, Yankeetown, and Old Route 119 on the new Lucerne Road Extension. PennDOT advises pedestrians and bicyclists who use the Hoodlebug Trail that vehicles will now be using the new roadway and they need to be extra cautious as they cross the new road.  

Red Salamanders
are one of the most colorful salamanders that can be found in
our parks.This one was recently uncovered at Blue Spruce Park.