Buttermilk Falls Natural Area

General Info

Habitat Protection Area Caution

This area is a fragile plant and animal habitat, please help us protect this natural resource by staying within the steps and platform areas.  

Please download are Habitat Protection Area flyer!

Buttermilk Falls is located at 570 Valley Brook Rd, New Florence, PA 15944.

This site features an impressive 45 foot waterfall and scenic woodland. The 48-acre natural area was donated to Indiana County Parks in 1995 by the Keystone-Conemaugh Group, owners of the nearby Conemaugh Generating Station. As a natural area, the site has been set aside to protect both typical and unique plant and animal communities and to protect outstanding examples of natural beauty. Check out our detailed map.

Activities & AccommodationsSalamanders and many other forms of wildlife can be found at Buttermilk Falls!

A More Natural Park Experience

In keeping with the mission of a natural area, development at Buttermilk Falls is limited. A restroom, small picnic pavilion, parking area, falls overlook viewing area, and a hiking trail are available at the falls. The picnic pavilion is available on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information,  read our Buttermilk Falls brochure.