Harmon Bridge

Harmon Bridge is the youngest of the County’s four covered bridges. John R. Carnahan was awarded a contract to build a "frame covered bridge" over Plum Creek, near Dice’s. The contract specified that the bridge was to be completed within 30 days after the abutments were in place. The bridge was designed by Thomas Pealer, County Engineer, and was completed in July of 1910 at a cost of $525. Harmon Bridge is named after Civil War veteran J.S. Harmon.

Harmon Bridge is the companion to Trusal Bridge, both are located on the South Branch of Plum Creek, just off Five Points Road in Washington Township. Both the Harmon and Trusal Bridges are constructed with Town lattice trusses. The bridges are located in a very picturesque farm setting.

The bridge is 45 feet in length, with a bridge number of PA-32-04. It is located at 2725 Donahue Road, Creeskide, PA, 15732.
GPS coordinates are 40o 44' 3.222" N by 79o 11' 3.718" W.