Kintersburg Bridge

Kintersburg Bridge was named by Isaac Kinter, in honor of his father, John Kinter, a Revolutionary War veteran. J.S. Fleming, a Civil War veteran who was injured at the Battle of Cedar Creek, erected the bridge over Crooked Creek in September 1877. The bridge was constructed at a cost of $893.

The Kintersburg Bridge is the only Howe truss bridge in Indiana County and one of only four Howe truss bridges remaining in the state of Pennsylvania. Original design features of the Kintersburg Bridge included ten-foot overhangs at each portal. These overhangs were changed in the 20th century when the bridge was repaired. The bridge was bypassed in 1974.

The Bridge is 68 feet long, and is number PA-32-05. It is located at 2730 Musser Road, Indiana, PA, 15701. GPS Coordinates are 40o 28' 4.729" N by 79o 22' 31.291" W.